Management of specialized technology and equipment (“automated transport control system™)

Is your production is forced to stand idle waitng for special equipment?

Is dispatching carried out not on the basiswhere more expedient but on the basis of “to those who shout loudly“?

You do not know where the equipment or special equipment is at the moment? Do you have large costs for fuel and consumables (tires automatic break outs)?

The product is aimed at achieving the following indicators:

  • enhancement of Customer’s satisfaction regarding the transport services;
  • increase the fleet utilization ratio and the technical availability ratio;
  • reduction of the costs of the payroll budget for nonproductive down time;
  • reduction of costs for fuel, repairs and maintenance.

Economic effect:

  • reduction of fuel costs up to 30%, costs for spare parts – up to 20%;
  • increase the coefficient of technical readiness and the utilization rate of the park at a level corresponding to the optimal profitability of the transport vehicle;
  • reduction of time and volume of manual operation up to 50%.

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