Our mission: applying the elements of technical revolution 4.0, we are poised to improve production performance and raise the manageability of the oil production in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the EEU and the world through:

Our vision: Leadership in the field of increasing production efficiency through a high level of trust from our customers.

At the moment, in the process of implementation, this is the third three-year development strategy of the Company. The first two of them have been implemented successfully:


  1. The objective of the creation and transformation strategy was: the transformation of the structures of the Company into stably profitable ones; the development and implementation of the first products of the Company.
  2. The objective of the strategy for the development and capture of leadership in the country for a number of products was: the development and creation of new products, a sharp increase in sales (increase threefold each year).

Our current strategy:

  1. Sales growth in Kazakhstan and Russia, development of sales channels in Europe and all over the world, transformation into an export company.