Service model (“management of service in oil-producing company”™)

Are you dissatisfied with the quality of the services provided?

Do you want to know the real workload for people and equipment involved in the service?

Do you want to optimize your costs?

The solution is aimed at achieving the following performance indicators:

  • clear prescription and compliance with technical regulations;
  • rejection of outdated outsourcing models in favor of a service model aimed at business-relevant indicators;
  • compliance with the production discipline;
  • maintenance and control of the system of fines;
  • improving the use of resources, competencies and equipment;
  • better manageability of risks and safety.

Efficiency from the implementation:

  • Reduction of costs for the service due to better organization of work and optimization of service personnel up to 20%;
  • Reduction of the cost of unproductive down up to 30%.

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