Separate accounting of income and expenses (“separate accounting for management”™)

Do you not have enough data to make decisions for the allotment of money?

Do you not understand what your money is spent for and what is the return?

Is there not enough arguments to justify the budget to shareholders?

The product is aimed at achieving the following indicators:

  • automatic calculation of the full costs (if necessary, automatic calculation of the formation of tariffs taking into account the antimonopoly legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan is also available);
  • management based on the profitability of profit centers and cost effectiveness analysis.

Existing standard solutions:

  • oil producing company as a whole (from the corporate center to the well);
  • transport company or subdivision;
  • oilfield services company or subdivision.

Economic effect:

  • reduction of costs for consumables, fuels and spare parts and spare parts up to 20%;
  • increase the profitability of the business up to 5% for the company and up to 10% for a separate division of the company;
  • increase in the share of direct costs and decrease in the share of indirect costs up to 20%.

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