Along with such companies as Dreamline Company and ERP-Service, DLC Automation LLP is a structural unit of the DLC Group Holding.

Over 10 years we have been concentrating on solving the tasks facing the oil industry in Kazakhstan in the sphere of digitalization, software development, automation (Computer-Aided Process Control System and Instrumentation), energy and mechanization of production.

We have an obvious advantage over other companies in the following:

We are proud of our team, as far as it represents itself a fusion of energy of youth, science, expertise and huge experience that let us create unique products and find solutions that have no analogues in the world market . We worked under no timeline and achieved our purpose that all our products qualify the requirements of our Customers in a short time as possible. Today, seven (7) of our products are protected by patents.

Choosing cooperation with us, you choose a special attitude to yourself. An attentive and individual attitude towards each client was the reason of a remarkable fact: for all time, none of our Customers has terminated the Contract with us and none of them refused of further cooperation after the completion of the contract (new contracts have been concluded and are being concluded now).

It is very simple to start cooperation with us: contact us (our contacts are available on this website) or fill out the contact form.

Thank you in advance for contacting us!