Monitoring, analysis and support of decision-making in production (“factor analysis”™)

Do you need better efficiency from existing systems at the oil field?

Do the decisions you make in the production give the proper result?

Do you need more reliable, complete data and better analysis?

This solution is aimed at monitoring and calculation of the following production indicators:

  • deviation from the established technical well regime;
  • continuity of measurements;
  • balance of liquid and oil;
  • reverse calculation;
  • profitability of wells;
  • effectiveness of geological and technical measures.

At the same time, an obligatory analysis of the factors influencing the deviation from the production plan is made with the prompt of the most effective possible solution.

Effects from the introduction:

  • reduction of oil losses at well shutdowns up to 15%;
  • increase of operational reaction to deviations from technical parameters up to 40%;
  • reduction of the difference in the balance of liquid and oil (metering / park / commodity) up to 5%;
  • improving the quality of management decisions in production.

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